The highlight of the dance year is Teaching Little Children’s annual recital. This is where dancers have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned. Each class will learn a special dance and costumes are ordered for those who choose to participate. Recital is OPTIONAL, however, 99% of students do take part.

You can register and pay at the link below or you can print the order form in the Recital Packets and fax or mail it to our office.  If you have already paid your recital fees (full or partial), please read all information included in the Packets.


TLC Studio Hip Hop and 60+ minute classes $114

All other classes $99

(Add $10 for Late Orders placed after December 5th.)


Because of deadlines placed by manufacturers, we must order costumes early. They are a specialty item, similar to wedding and bridesmaid dresses. Costumes are made once the order is received by the costume manufacturer. It takes many weeks to manufacture costumes once an order is placed. We also need to process and assemble costumes in order to deliver them to you. Costume manufacturers do not accept cancellations for costumes. FOR THIS REASON, RECITAL FEES ARE NOT REFUNDABLE.


Dancers are required to wear tights. We have included them in your recital fee. Mark the appropriate size on your order form. You can view a sizing chart here.


Here’s where we need your help! On the order form, estimate what size you expect your child to wear in June. Teachers will measure all children during the month of December. Both the measurements you provide and those taken by the teacher will be used to determine what size costume to order.

Orders received after deadline

The deadline for ordering Recital 2018 costumes is December 5, 2017.  We will make every effort possible to get a costume for dancers who either start late, or do not get their order in by the deadline.  If an order is placed after December 5th, there are no guarantees that the costume will be available by the photo shoot dates.  When placing a late order we will check with the manufacturer for a ship date.  If the costume is not available by the recital date, we will contact you and  refund your money.

Dress Rehearsal

As always, dress rehearsal is mandatory.  This gives your child time to get familiar with new surroundings and get comfortable being on the big stage.